Marriage. House cleansings and blessings. Tarot and oracle card readings. Unique and handcrafted rituals and spells.


Marriage Rituals

I am a certified minister in the state of Arkansas and will craft a personal and meaningful ritual in whichever spiritual or secular path you follow. I am unapologetically queer and would LOVE to facilitate marriages between all expressions of love!

I will also work with polyamorous couples to craft commitment ceremonies that reflect your unique relationships!

$120 for Black, trans, disabled and couples of color

House Blessings and Cleansings

If you are in a new home or you want to clear out some old energy, I’d love to create a ritual for your space so you feel happy, safe, and secure in your abode!

$75 – includes materials

To book, email or DM on Instagram

Tarot and Oracle Card Readings

Tarot and oracle cards provide a fascinating perspective for any situation. Each reading will be recorded and sent to you so that you can rewatch.

General reading – $30, 5 card spread
What to Heal Spread – $55, 7 card Tarot/Oracle combo spread
Twin Flame Spread – $55, 7 card Tarot/Oracle combo spread
What to Heal/Twin Flame Spread – $100, two part spread where we look at what to heal in order to better connect with your divine counterpart.
Personal Guidance – $40, 6 card reading for any topic you want perspective on.

Unique rituals for (almost) anything!

I’ll work with you for healing and abundance. I won’t affect someone else’s free will, but we can work together to create personal healing and transformation.

Let’s build something great together.