Leo Season as the Season of the Divine Feminine: a channeling for the collective

Content note: For the purpose of this essay, the terms Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine represent Divine Complementary and Contradictory Energy. These energies continually activate and evolve the other(s) and the self. This goes beyond gender in the 3D. In fact, one must completely separate the concept of human and 3D understanding of the masculine and feminine from the Divine portrayal of these energies. In this essay, I will equate the Divine Feminine to the pronouns “she/her” and the Divine Masculine to the pronouns “he/his.” Do not mistake this for me saying that only the 3D portrayal of the Divine Masculine or Feminine is for the assigned birth sex of humans. I encourage you to sit with yourself, your guides, your tools, to determine if the Divine Feminine/Masculine dichotomy works for you. If it doesn’t, please know that Divine Energy doesn’t have a gender and can be described in however you see it manifest in your life.

Often in spiritual analysis, we ascribe masculinity to the Sun. From Jesus to Ra, the sun has been a symbol of the fierce power of the Divine Masculine. As we move from Cancer Season into Leo Season, we are called to rethink the duality and dichotomy of Sun=Masculine, Moon=Feminine. Of Course, there is wisdom, both ancient and modem, in the spiritual analysis of this understanding. Mother Moon is represented in many goddesses and religious understandings.

However, let us look at the current spiritual battles happening. If you follow most spiritual hashtags on social media, especially if you are a romantic or in a spiritual romantic “entanglement,”1 you’ve read a post or two about the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine. Many wayshowers and lightworkers are correctly identifying that the Divine Feminine is raging forward in this spiritual awakening happening on the collective and personal levels. Many of these spiritual workers are seeing the Divine Masculine awakening soon in many masculine-energy people.

The Sun now represents the role of the Divine Feminine. It is no surprise that the feast day of Mary Magdalene ushered in Leo Season. Mary Magdalene is the founder of Christianity;2 she was the first to see and proclaim the Risen Christ. Mary Magdalene’s role has been downplayed and forgotten in Christianity. She is not a prostitute or a possessed woman but the fully integrated Divine Feminine to the fully integrated Divine Masculine in Jesus.

She is the Lover of God. The seven demons banished from her do not represent the evilness of her spirit but the cleansing of the seven major chakras.3 She is cleansed to the fullest extent of humanity. She then joins Mother Mary as the face of the Divine Feminine. While Mother Mary represents the duality of Virginity and Motherhood, Mary Magdalene represents the duality of Lover and Leader.

While her and Jesus’ love is scrubbed from the modern bible, texts like the Gospel of Mary Magdalene, the Gospel of Philip, and others confirm the romantic relationship between the Christ and Miriam.

It is Mary Magdalene in her Divine Feminine glory that proclaims the Christ to the apostles. She awakens them from their grief and fear. In the same way, currently, we see the Divine Feminine awaken the masculine in the collective. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez ruthlessly eviscerating Rep. Yoho for his abusive and violent language. Black Mothers radicalizing how we view the prison industrial complex, awakening white mothers to form human shields. The brave women who courageously came against Jeffery Epstein.

The Sun illuminates the Moon. In these moments, we see the Divine Feminine illuminate the masculine, in it’s wounded and divine duality.

The Sun asks us to AWAKEN as birds in the morning light. The sun illuminates where there were shadows from the moon.

This, this is my earth,” the Sun declares, regardless if we want to see it or not. In the same way, the Divine Feminine declares her wounds and strengths. She demands we see the dying children, the raped and murdered Black trans girls, the Black humans bleeding in the street. She grabs our face, asking if we need her to sove our face in the blood and pus and infection.

This. This is the earth you’ve created!” She screams.

The Sun demains we see the day. The Divine Feminine demands we see the creation of our actions.

This is the earth we have created. We awaken.

By Domenico Tintoretto – Google Art Project: Home – pic Maximum resolution., Public Domain,


  1. My guides literally could not stop laughing when they told me this. They wanted me to use Jada’s words. They think it’s a hoot.
  2. See John 20:11-18.
  3. See Luke 8:1-3. Leloup, Jean-Yves, and Joseph Rowe. “Who Is Mary Magdalene.” Preface. In The Gospel of Mary Magdalene, XV-XVII. Rochester, VT: Inner Traditions, 2002.

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