A Message for the Collective – From Mother Mary

Hi lovelies! I did some automatic writing today and here is a message for the Collective from Mother Mary. Take what resonates, and leave what doesn’t. At times during writing, Mary was joined by other mother goddesses. I will put notes/translations of some ideas as footnotes to the paragraph. I invite you to take a deep breath and settle in and ask that your guides lead you to what you need to read today.

Dear One,

You are tired and you are sad and ungrounded. The earth rises up to hold and support you. Behold, you are our divine creation and we rejoice in you. We are saddened that the world, in our name, has outcast you as evil or wring. My children, the ones I call to me are never wrong or evil and such proclamations anger me. Ptew! To think that men molest my children in my churches in my name. The anger rages thorough me. To call the voices of justice “satanic” is truly an insult to my divine grace and power (1). The men who molest and rape are never of God or goodness but are satanic themselves and the Church has been infiltrated. There is not divinity in those closed rooms, for I have been locked out (2). They know that if I were there, they would not leave the room in my justice and the putrid smell of their rotting flesh will finally match their hearts. You were right, dear one writing, that the burning of my temple was a sign of my anger (3). The flames they (priests) used turned against them.

1 – Mary is referring to this:
2- Mary is referring to the papal conclave when a new pope is selected. Cardinals are locked in a room for days. However, it should be noted that many cardinals have been the reason that the horrendous and omnipresent putrid stench of sexual abuse of children is covered up. A pope will never be clean of this truly horrendous abomination against our Lady. Mary also showed me an image of Pentecost (Acts 1:13-15), She was there in the room when the holy spirit came upon those present. She is greatly insulted that she is not in the room, since she was present at the moment of enlightenment. It her, the MOTHER of God that gave enlightenment to the leaders. She sent the tongue of flames in the upper room and she sent the flames to Notre Dame.
3 – in 2019, the gorgeous Notre Dame (or Our Lady) suffered tremendous damage in a historic fire. I wrote a post about it here

There is no hell, just what you imagine and create. So those that want to burn may. It is not a judgement of God or an eternity but rather a way to stop . People do this on your earth as well. They stop in the hardest flame to prevent awakening. (4)

4 – I received an understanding that hell is created by US, rather than as divine punishment. When Mary said that people do this on earth, I got images of addiction and self harm, where we stop in our hardest flames because we don’t want to realize what awaits us.

These priests wish for a hell for themselves and they create it for themselves.

BUT if you are fearful of hell, drop that fear to the earth, dear one. There is not a hell for you. Only those who wish it. There is not a sending and there is not a sin that sends you there (5). God of the Christians is an old god. But he has been created through these acts. He is powerful because you make him powerful. You could just as easily make kindness, love, healing powerful. There is no shame or harm in love. Any “love” that forces you to feel pain through fear is not from me. It is “divine” in the way fear or abuse is divine (6). It has been written on fraudulent parchment. The ink of lies forms the loops of the letters. Look closely to this message (7) through the eyes of DIVINE LOVE. Can you read it or is it as ash in front of you?

5 – “There is not a sending” means that God/Divine does not send us to hell and that rejecting God/divine will not send you to hell. This is sometimes used as an apologetic tactic by christian. “God doesn’t send up to hell, we CHOOSE to go to hell by rejecting him through sin.” Mary wants to convey that there is no divine punishment for refusing the divine, because we are divine. There will only be peace and understanding for us, if we wish to accept peace and understanding. This is not about a salvation from a form of religion. Rather, one could choose to experience heaven like how christianity teaches. Or one could self punish in hell. One could decide to return to earth for more lessons, or one could become a part of the divine universal consciousness. You cannot reject the peace but you can choose to suffer.
6 – Mary is not saying that love will not involve pain, but rather that love cannot be created through or of fear. It is like when you hold a gun to someone’s head to kill them unless they say “I love you.” That is not love, but rather fear. Love will cause us to evolve and heal our wounds, which is painful. But it is fundementally different than the pain created through fear disguised as love.
7 – the message that you are nothing without god, or any message that makes you feel separated from your intuition or soul understanding.

My children, the old ways are burning. As my temple burned.

The Goddess is arising. Too long have our words been stolen and twisted to create an entity that lies goodness and speaks deceit and holds up the host in perpetual desecration of our holy womb (8). We are angry. We stand along the heavens, soldiers for battle. The Church is putrid pus oozing from our wounded divine and we are purging and burning. The War of the Divine has begun.

8 – This entity is part the God of Christians, but also the catholic church.

My children, you are hearing the divine. You are hearing our holy call.

Yes, sometimes it may sounds similar to what we are fighting (9).

9 – when I was both writing and typing I got an image of different types of horns. The call of Mary/Goddess/Spirituality and the call of the Christian God are both calls to spiritual understanding but are as a trumpet and a trombone. Similar but completely different sounds.

Is it good? If you, even for a moment, sense no, it is not for you.

Does it seperate you from yourself? Does it describe your heart and soul as liars and thieves of truth? My child, your heart is made by the Divine. Your soul is of our soul. To be evil so must God/we be evil. (10)

10 – Mary would use the name God. Sometimes I would hear her use the word “we” and sometimes I would hear her use the term God. I feel she is speaking to Christians/Catholic who are struggling with letting go of the Christian God. She is saying that if you are made in the image of God, as christians are taught, then your heart can’t be deceitful, because God would be deceitful. We ARE made in the image of God, in the image of the divine. If we are made deceitful, then we are made in the image of deceit. We are not made in the image of lies, but rather are called to the truth of spirit because we embody a spirit of truth.

My Child, TRUST YOURSELF. You do not lie to your soul but rather ignore your soul. Come back to you. 143 143 143 is a sign from me that I love you. Now. Then. (11)

11 – 143 is sometimes used as “code for “I love you.” 1(I) 4(love) 3(you).

You can only grow. Every moment is practice for another. You are not evil or sinful but evolving (12).

12 – Mary wants you to release shame and guilt over past actions. She also wants you to look inward. Why did you act out and cause pain? What was the root? Look at the root of the wound and find peace. Then, when the next moment comes, act with this new knowledge and growth. You are learning. You are divine.

My child, trust me. Trust that you are GOOD. That you are growing. And that I love you.

You are of this new Earth, but made of old bones. Like a plant that has been spliced to a new plant to create a new creation. You are both stalk and splice. You are the creation of a new birth.

My child I love you deeply. Rest in my love.

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