Self Love Ritual when you’re sad and lonely during this quarantine

If you’re like me, you are maybe struggling with this period of isolation. It’s a good reminder that sometimes what is healing (or in this case, flattening the curve) is not always fun, exciting, or done with others.

The spell and ritual below uses a bathtub but if you don’t have a tub, or you’re like me and don’t want to clean the tub because you haven’t reached that point of boredom cleaning yet, you can do this in the shower. Just put the roses in a vase in the shower with you.

Get a rose quartz, or fave pink stone (if it ends in “ite” it can’t go in water but no biggie!!) go to the store and get a cheap bouquet of roses or your favorite flower. Pink roses are great for self love! Go ahead and wash the petals since who knows the type of chemicals they’ve used and you’ll be using them in a bath. Or get organic if you want! Treat yourself! It’s Taurus season! You can also get dried roses from a metaphysical shop or grow your own roses.

Run a bath, and put the quartz in the water (or on the side of the tub if it can’t go in water). Sprinkle the rose petals in the water. Optional but WORTH IT, Epsom salts, essential oils, candles, bath bombs, incense, bubble bath, etc! Remember, it’s Taurus Season and we are dealing with the global toppling of the old order. Treat yourself!

Get in the tub and love on yourself! Slowly and sensually and lovingly touch every part of your body. Touch it like a lover. Leave any shame and judgement at the door. Ask any spirit guides you work with to open your eyes to your beauty and worth.

Take deep breaths and center yourself. Feel your spirit drop into the earth to feel her love and wisdom for you. Submerge yourself.

Now! Disclaimer, I do sex magic so this is optional if you’re not into that jam.

Bring yourself to orgasm in the tub. Take as long as you need and bring any toys you want. Watch porn or imagine, it’s all sexy.

When you orgasm think about how much you fucking love yourself. Offer the orgasm to your spirit guides or deities. Let it ripple through you like a storm. Orgasm in the water.

(Disclaimer #2, this next part is seriously powerful so set intentions and be aware that the universe is swift and powerful. Be as clear and explicit as you can be.)

Anoint yourself with the bath water, letting it fall over your crown and shoulders. While you pour it over you, set an intention that you release whatever does not serve you and that you bring to yourself (insert intentions).

Then you’re ready to embrace the new reality the universe is creating for you! Thank the water and the stones and the plants for their wisdom and help.

Good luck and stay healthy my friends!

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