Showing the Way

Holy shit, 2020 has been a year already. A pandemic is rippling its way through every country and social class. Boris Johnson is in the ICU, Trump is a rambling mad man, people are out of jobs for the foreseeable future….??? What the hell is going on??

COVID-19 is a tragedy of immense proportions, fueled by incredibly social inequality, capitalism, incompetent leadership and a slew of social ills that activists have been shouting about for centuries. This is not to dismiss or reduce the horrific effects of this virus.

It is time for the Divine to rise. While you might think this post is about Jesus and Easter, I assure you it is not. Christianity has manipulated, destroyed, and crushed the Divine, as evidence in the horrific abuses perpetrated by Christians as they colonized and plundered the world.

No, the Goddess is rising. To rise, she must disrupt the earth we call home. She is tumbling our structures because they no longer serve us. She is the one who burned Notre Dame. She is the one who shook the Mormon temple, breaking the trumpet of the herald. She is the one who has allowed politicians to lay in hospital beds, choking on their own spit.

Our world cannot continue as it has.

The Divine asks us to be gentle and violent. It asks us to gently help our neighbors, by sewing masks, or shopping for them, or staying home. It asks us to be violent as we strip away the facade of our culture. It asks us to create art and beauty and kindness and to destroy the culture that kills black americans, indigenous people, people of color, LGBTQIA+ people.

The Divine is Rising.

We are called to usher in a new time. Choose kindness radically. If you can, then you should. Let us create a world that honors our divinity.

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