What I learned in 2019

Wow, 2019 was… a refreshingly “mild” year for me. I mean, there was still sadness and joy and hardships. But 2017 and 2018 had some very significant trauma (and significant healing!). In 2019, I focused on continuing that healing and getting my hands REALLY in that dirt. Here are some of my favorite takeaways.

  1. I am sovereign over me.
  2. My spirituality is powerful, healing, protective, and thriving.
  3. Indecision is a decision. Inaction is a choice.
  4. Placing the responsibility of validation of my truth on others will leave me invalidated. I validate myself (or I try!!)
  5. The archetype of the triple goddess was STRONG this year. Embracing my TRUE sexual desires, welcoming the infants of my best friends, and seeking out strong, established, mentor relationships with older women in my life has given me so much peace and healing.
  6. My body tells me what I need to know.
  7. My soul already knows the answer.
  8. I am angry. And refusing to feel this anger is harmful to me.
  9. I am strong.
  10. I know my shit.
  11. Everything is an experiment.
  12. I am always learning.

I’m so grateful for this year. I’m so grateful to the joy and the pain. I am a new person, my same person, and my old self all at once.

I look forward with joyful expectations. I move forward in courage and strength, in gratitude and humility.

Let’s get fucking LIT in 2020.

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