IN THIS ESSAY: a series where I just rant on some shit I am interested in – Magic, the idea of Darkness, and Understanding the Whole.

So, I don’t use hexing or cursing in my craft, because I don’t like doing it and I think as a white cis woman, I really don’t need to access the protective or judgement powers, since my own privilege allows me that. BUUUUT, diving into witchcraft has also made me question Good/Evil/White/Black etc.

So like, with the idea of Satan within the idea of the Christian mythology, can a BEING OF LIGHT (LUCifer) who is given free will by a creator REALLY be evil when they utilize that free will? And what does that mean for humans, who are also given free will, and very much beings of the light, when you think about the fact we are mammals who are diurnal, who don’t have sophisicated night vision and who are effected by the moon, a luminary object.

But outside of that mythology, the idea of shadow work, or leaning into your trauma, is the only way to truly highlight the “light.” And I think there is useful conversation around the idea of hexing and cursing/left hand path work, black magic, and what one wants to do with their energy. For me, I don’t want certain energy to originate with me, because I believe it will return to me. And while I can control the energy I put out, I can’t control how that energy evolves. This is especially important to me because I try really hard to be a healer witch.

BUT because I’m so involved with healing work, I also have to understand that there are modalities of healing that are still helpful, but seem “darker.” Sometimes, one might have to “amputate” or whatever gnarly medical procedure is needed that does hold risk, but also holds survival.

In the same way, someone who needs to amputate a limp decides to only use antibiotic cream and gauze is actually going to risk a much more dangerous outcome of sepsis and infection.

Basically, I don’t specialize in magical amputating work, but it would be foolish to say that such work doesn’t have a place.

That being said, I do think there are conversations about using rituals or spells to harm when you don’t a) understand the powers, b) don’t understand or haven’t done the work to understand the consequences of such powers, c) use these powers to harm those who don’t deserve it, d) just wanna be a dickhead.

As always, I think it is crucially important to consider spiritual consent within your practice. Hexing and cursing require a certain lack of consent (but also, if you are consenting to cursing, is that like… some witchy BDSM? I DIGRESS). For me, that modality of witchcraft should be reserved explicitly to those who have experienced a lack of consent. I would never tell a POC or trans person to not practice cultural or learned cursing, because honestly, not my place as someone who benefits from cultural oppression. Also, not my actions, not my energy, so I don’t concern myself with how others practice. The neat thing about witchcraft is that you can take what you want and leave the rest.

[Quick digression, as a person who has relatives who practice cursing without reason, that shit AGES U. And it shows. But also, their magic weak asf.)

ANYWAY, rather than flat out rejecting why you consider something evil, look and dive into the reasons. It can help provide nuance both for your own beliefs and also, it’s just good to lean into what makes us uncomfortable sometimes.

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