Our Lady of Fire, Pray for Us

You stood together in a crowd

Holding candles

Praying to Our Lady

For Cardinal Pell.

The tongues of flame

Forced to shine a light in the darkness

he created.

You stood before Her children-

In righteousness indignation

Proclaimed that the cries of

Anger, fear, betrayal and judgement

Aligned us through the Devil’s blood

With evil.

You took your holy pen and

Wrote that it was not your priests,

Bishops, cardinals, or responsibility.

But it was homosexuality.

It was the ability to choose.

But – lest we forget –

your priests did not choose.

Satan tempts them too much.

And so we rose as Christ from the dead.

The spirit of the fires,

lit for sympathy of a man who raped boys after mass,

The spirit of the fires

that burned saints and witches at the stakes,

The spirit of the fires

that raged through the lands you tried to claim,

Rose through the spiral of Notre Dame,

The crackling wood echoed the cries of victims killed by suicide, addiction, silence.

As the world watched,

Our Lady destroyed.

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