i built a tomb in my body

brick by brick

those that preached to honor the dead

used the dead for bricks

cemented you see

in an eternity of

fleshless grimaces

this is where we died

the skulls whispered in my ears

yet we do not rest

we never rest.

my bones form my catacomb

my body on display

we do not rest

we honor our dead

brick by broken bones

we construct the tomb

for tourists to come

and snap eerie photographs.

do you see yourself reflected

in the sockets of those infinite stares

empty, the dust swirling in the void

we honor our dead


we never rest

a wall of bones

my back to you

i feel your heartbeat

echo through my chambers.

we honor our dead

broken apart by those who honor us

cemented to our death

by those that honor us

no longer a person

no longer a soul

a grimace in a line of grimaces

we honor our dead

we never rest

do you hear the screams bouncing off the walls

like a toy ball thrown too hard



let me rest.

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