Astrology Misconceptions: Part Three -Astrology Is Stupid

Okay, so just because you don’t believe in astrology doesn’t make it stupid. It just means it isn’t a part of your spiritual or mental health practice.

Astrology was the first ways that humans started learning about the cosmos. You like NASA? Thank humans in ancient Babylonia two millennium ago. Studying the movement of the stars and the world around us is inherently scientific. Creating hypotheses and theories and collecting evidence for them is scientific.

Now, you might not want to believe that, or you might continue to think it is stupid. NO ONE REALLY CARES. But let people like what they like! Who is hurt by someone taking 2 minutes from their day to read their horoscope?

If you think it is demonic, it isn’t. It is an intrinsic part of religions and their development. If you think it is a waste of time, okay? I think going to the gym is a waste of time most days, it doesn’t mean I am right.

Are you afraid of the stereotypes associated with your sign? If someone doesn’t talk to you because you’re a gemini or whatever, they are doing astrology wrong. Astrology is a science of observation. But all true astrologists understand that everyone has free will and no one is TIED to the movement of the planets. You always have the power to do what you want and live your life how you want. You are going to find people who defy every aspect of their chart. However. It is much more rare than finding people who connect with their chart.

Now, if you are still like, “idk girls who like astrology are dumb why can’t they like rick and morty like the sophisticated dorrito I am?” Maaaaaybe you just think astrology is dumb because women, enbies and gay folx like it?

Maybe you are overwhelmed by the amount of information and you don’t know where to start. Maybe you feel it is too generalized so everyone can find something they relate to in any sign they read about.

Well, yeah. Astrology is a study on humanity. We have empathy. But we also have every sign represented in our charts. So, maybe you are super air sign heavy but you are hard working in relationships and don’t identify with feeling flighty or passive and you resent how wrong your sun horoscope is. Maybe you have your venus in an earth sign. It’s important to look at the WHOLE chart.

Finally, astrology is political af. I invite you to check out this twitter thread by Chani Nicholas, one of the best astrologers of our time.

Feel free to message me if you want to have me do a quick recap of your chart! Maybe it won’t resonate with you. But for 99% of people I have done this for, they are like “okay now look here how do you know that?”

Or just do your own research. If it isn’t for you, well, what can I say!

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