Astrology Misconceptions: Part Two – Astrology is Too Broad in Its Generalizations

Astrology would be a terrible study of humanity if you were only studying the sun signs of people. Your sun sign is what you would answer if someone asked “What’s your sign?” There are twelve signs and the sun is in each sign for about a month.

But your sun sign is just the beginning! Your sun sign describes your true personality, who you are when everything is stripped away. How much you resonate with your sun sign depends on a couple of factors, most notably if you have a stellium in that sign or if you have a stellium in other signs. A stellium is a grouping of 3+ planets/bodies in a sign. If only your sun is in Cancer, but you have a stellium in Virgo, you might not resonate with the constant portrayal of you as an emotional cry baby of feelings.

So, you might want to look at your moon sign. Your moon sign describes your emotional energy, how you respond in relationships, your feeeeelings. The moon will be in each sign for about 2.5 days. So, a Cancer Sun, Virgo Moon is going to have a different way of expressing emotions than a Cancer Sun, Pisces Moon.

Then, look at your rising sign. You can find out your planetary placements with just your birthday and place but to figure out your rising sign and house placements, you will need your birth time.

HOLD UP – WTF ARE HOUSES you ask yourself.

The best way I have heard the difference between planets and houses explained is this: Planets show you how your energy is expressed. Houses show you WHERE this energy is expressed.

Your rising sign is the sign of your first house. This is how you present to the world. It is often described as the mask you wear. Rising signs change every few HOURS, so you can have people born on the same day but have very different expressions.

So let’s say our Cancer Sun, Virgo Moon is also a Virgo Rising. If they were to ask me to tell them about themselves, I would say that they are emotional but often feel isolated from their emotions and other people, because they need to be the strong, grounded one. This may mean they have trouble expressing when they are emotional. They don’t want people to know their weaknesses. But because they know emotions and because virgo is an earth sign and therefore hardworking, they also know how to work towards creating an emotional reaction in others. They can either be a very caring person, or very emotionally manipulative.

Now let’s say there is another person who is a Cancer Sun, Virgo Moon and a Libra Rising. Libra is represented with a pair of scales, so I often characterize those with strong Libra placements as wanting to maintain the current energy, no matter what. They want EVERYONE to be happy! So, in this case, we have a person who is emotional, but guarded about DEEP emotions. On the surface, they are flirty and friendly and have lots of good friends. But they would be afraid of revealing their deeper emotions out of fear of losing their friends.

If you like to read your horoscopes, I would suggest reading your Sun, Moon and Rising. These will give you a great overview of your inner self, your emotional self, and your public self for the day!

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