Magical Menses: Part Three

We all know Midol is a godsend during the time of the month! (also, if you are a trans woman, taking hormones can cause ANY smooth muscle tissue to contract. So you might have period shits! Midol and Aleve are great for cramps.) But what if we want to supplement with some magic? Here are my favorite witchy tips for menstrual relief.

Moonstone is a crystal for menstrual issues, so on my periods I carry that in my pocket. I swear it helps. Crystals may or may not be your thing, but sometimes I plop this stone in my underwear band!

Fennel Seed is supposedly good for cramps!! 

Cinnamon is supposed to both lessen bleeding and provides more pain relief than placebos in studies.

Evening primrose oil is supposed to help as well. 

My favorite tip… Eat a huge ass edible or smoke a bowl. Earth magic comes in many forms!

Other more mainstream recs:

Aleve is good because it relieves cramps! But I am a huge fan of midol. IT helps with cramps, but also reduces bloating. 

Alternate tylonel with ibprofen every 2-4 hours to keep up on pain management. 

Damp heat! An old fashion water bottle heater is amazing. Or, if you are in a pinch, like at work, you can microwave some wet microfiber or paper towels in an open ziplock bag for 2 minutes, wrap the ziplock baggie in a cloth or dry paper towel and shove that fucker in your panties right at your uterus. 

Using a cup will actually create suction to pull the menses out of your uterus, creating a shorter period. 

If you are having bad cramps, lay face down. The gravity will work with your throbbing uterus to help alleviate pain.

I hope you all have a magical cycle! Comment or connect with me to share you favorite period tips and tricks!

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