Magical Menses: Part One

A few months ago, I started reading into menstrual magic. One of my favorite things to learn was the correlation between the moon cycles and menstrual cycles. I have started using my period as a time to perform rituals of self love.

Currently, my period occurs around the Full Moon. The New Moon is considered the traditional menstrual phase. The past few months, I have started a day or two before the Full Moon but my heaviest flow day is the Full Moon.

So the Full Moon represents fruition, fertility, manifestation while the New Moon represents retreat, renewal, replenishing and releasing. It makes sense if you view the Full Moon as when you ovulate (Hellooooo sexy!) and the New Moon as when you menstruate (grumpy, solitary, emotional, etc).

My go to ritual is to make myself a wonderful bath on the Full Moon/Day 1 of my period. I will use bubble bath, flowers, candles, maybe some wine or other herbal indulgences of the medicinal nature and free bleed in the bath. I will usually be playing my favorite playlist of badass humans. While in the bath, I will focus my energy and intention on the water that I am bleeding into. I will offer a prayer or intention of “I release what no longer serves me,” and “all the energy that does not belong to me, depart, all the energy that is mine, come to me.”

Now!! This is a very powerful yet simple ritual and it can shake up your life!! The Universe has a way of giving you what you ask for, so be VERY specific! And don’t be surprised if there are some shake-ups from this. In my personal experience, every time I have released what does not serve me, the universe delivers BIG TIME. As in, huge breakup fights with friends who are toxic, realizing past abuse, repressed memories, etc!

This has been worth it EVERY SINGLE TIME, but Mother Universe means business when you put things in her hands. Just like shedding your uterine lining means cramping, bleeding, crying, emotional release, asking to release what no longer serves you will create a spiritual menstruation.

After I have stated my intentions and request for release, I anoint myself and submerge my entire body (head included!) in the water. I usually do this to my favorite magical song “Fallingwater” by Maggie Rogers. “But Flannery!!” you might think, “You’ve been bleeding into that water!!” YES BISH THAT IS WHAT MAKES IT POWERFUL.

Menstrual blood is the only blood not born from violence. It comes from the protection of our womb. It is powerful and protecting. I love pouring it over my crown, as a symbolic way to cleanse my aura and spirit and to protect myself from harm. It feels as if I am within the womb of Mother Universe, and it is so wonderful.

I usually don’t shower after these baths. I will shower the next day though. You know, just in case you don’t want to go to work smelling like copper and bubble bath!

A quick note: a lot of menstrual magic uses traditional gender terms. Not everyone who menstruates is a woman! And many women do not have vaginas or uteri. You can DEFINITELY still do these rituals if you are not a woman or if you do not have a uterus! You can decide that the New Moon is your time of the month! Just because you don’t have a uterus to shed lining from does not mean that Mother Universe is not infusing your bath with that menstrual magic! If you do not have a uterus, you can orgasm in the water if you want to. Although, I also suggest everyone orgasms in the water haha!

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