Late Term Abortions are Not Murder, Stop Saying They Are

Y’all watch your words when you are talking about abortion.

1 in 3 women has had an abortion. So you DEFINITELY have people in your friends list that have made this choice.

Lots of moms have also lost their babies late term. Some have had to make the heart wrenching decision to have a late term abortion. These abortions comprise 1.3% of ALL abortions. The women who have made this decision weighed the dangers of carrying to term, the pain and suffering of their child should they be delivered alive, their own lives, what would happen if they died, leaving behind a spouse and/or other children.

These women are not making this choice for shits and giggles, or because they decided at 24+ weeks they didn’t want to have a child.

Maybe you wouldn’t make that choice. Maybe you didn’t make that choice. Maybe you did. It’s a heart-wrenching choice to make.

But let’s just be aware of how we talk about this. These women are not murderers. Late term abortions are not murders any more than removing someone from life support is murder. It is a medical choice that women should be allowed to make, for their safety and for the safety of their families.

Literally no woman aborts her child the day before the due date. THAT DOESN’T HAPPEN. That’s propaganda to create fear about a heart breaking medical procedure. It is the same bullshit that is spouted about women using abortion for birth control. I would be SHOCKED that there is any woman that would use a $500-1000 procedure, one that is not covered by insurance, which often includes hotel stays and travel costs as “birth control.” That is propaganda used to shame women for having normal and healthy sex lives and for reclaiming their reproductive agency.

Anyway, abortion is medical care and a right for humans! 

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