i read on the news today

of a fourteen year old child, who threw her newborn child out of the window, and asked her friends for a get-away ride.

and i read about poland who is voting to restrict abortion access even further,

even for children who are pregnant.

and as people quote Jeremiah, i purse my lips.

because jeremiah believed that life was evident with breath, that in utero was not the same as living.

I remember how women went to their midwives, to ask for potions to loosen their menses,

winks and nods.

I remember feeling like crying, not with guilt, but overwhelming relief, when i got my first pack of birth control, because maybe, i would not sit on my toilet,

hoping for a single line, willing the double lines to not appear.

I remember walking past the bomb detector of a planned parenthood, and bursting into tears when the doctor gently told me that i could be pregnant, with the embryo of an ex, when i was unemployed, single, and young.

i remember sitting in the car, realizing that i would abort, because I could not be a mother.

I remember the sigh of relief when my menses were loosened, that natural reminder so welcomed.

do not shackle us to our uteri, so that we are reminded of the freedom you establish everyday,

that fatherhood for you is an afterhours side job, not a vocation that we have been forced into.



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