Side to side 

Okay, I don’t know why I am just hearing about ariana’s new single Side to Side but HOT DAMN THAT VMA PERFORMANCE. 


Because look here, women, we love sex. We love that dick bicycle. And years of conditioning and guilt have got us convinced that our sex drives are abnormal. If we love sex, we are nymphos. Ladies in the streets, freaks in the sheets. 

Men, clitorises are specifically for sexual enjoyment and you think you have the monopoly on arousal? Um. No. 

I saw that vma performance and the first thing that came to mind was all the articles critizing those two goddesses were going to get. I can see the think pieces now. Is it really female empire enemy of we just objectify men’s bodies, turn them into sex objects, flaunt our asses and our tits and tantilate?

We are controlling the narrative. No longer will we be damsels raped in a male gazed story of “passion” and “lust” and fear. When we cover our bodies, we do it because we want to, not because by doing so, we prevent you from raping us. When we show off our breasts and asses and stomachs, we do it because our bodies are our own. We are goddesses among men. White men can rape children and women, then be told that jail is too hard for them;  but then Nicki and Ariana and all females performs get lectured about showing women in charge and consenting to sex? 

Consenting females powered sex is threatening to men. It turns the narrative of rape which they have demanded on its head. So young girls and women, I hope they see and enjoy the displays of strong sexuality from ariana and Nikki. I hope they learn that sex is powerful, consenting, fun, empowering. And that rape is the weak man’s attempt to quiet us. 

No more. 

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