a blessing for my daughters

may my daughters never shrink themselves to skeletons to fit into spaces meant for the dead.

may my daughters never apologize to the walls they bump into, break down, rebuild.

may my daughters’ wrists be maps to only their veins and hard, passionate pumping blood and never the crisscrossed razored highways that lead me to wear long sleeves in august.

may my daughters smile for pictures, unafraid of the lense and how it captures their smile and laugh lines.

may my daughters never be raped by their friend at a party. and may they never feel guilt or fear in saying you hurt me. you are dangerous. my body is my own, never yours. i am not owed to you simply because i am a woman .

may my daughters be leaders, priests, presidents, lovers, and be defined by their merits, rather than by their womanhood.

may my daughters be loud, may they be free, may they be angry, and joyful, and strong, and vulnerable. may they be so terrifying, they are brighter than the sun, because they are no longer content to be the moon.

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